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Callback problem between Cisco and Ascend routers

does anybody know if callback work well between cisco 1700 and a ascend pipeline 50.

I'm trying to setting up a callback but it doesn't work. what happen is :

1 - the ascend router initiate the call

2 - the cisco router doesn't close the first call initiated by the ascend router,

3 - the cisco router keep the first call, and initiate the callback on the second channel.

when I type the command show isdn active, I see 2 active connection "IN" and "OUT". Normally I should seeonly one active connection "OUT".

If only one channel is available on the ascend router ( for example one channel is alredady used to connect to another device (not the cisco one), the first call can be initiated but the callback doesn't work.

How can I force the cisco router to close immediately the first call ?

is there specific interface command to use to perform a callback with a non-cisco device such as ascend ? if anybody have a example configuration which work with ascend, thanks to show it.

thank in advance for you help !



Re: Callback problem between Cisco and Ascend routers

My guess is that callback is either not being negotiated correctly, or that the Ascend is not authorized for callback. This may not explain why the cisco does call the Ascend on a second channel, although that could be due to MPPP. If callback is negotiated correctly, then the call should be immediately disconnected.

First, ensure that you have recent code.

Next, ensure the config is correct; you need "ppp callback accept" on the dialin interface, and you need a dialer map with a class:

To debug this you need "debug callback", "debug ppp cbcp", "debug dialer", and "debug ppp neg". Hopefully this output will make sense to you, and help to figure out what the problem could be.

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