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New Member

Campus design help

Does anyone has any suggestions in choosing the best possible core-network device for the following network design?


1200-1500 ports.

Enterprise IOS

four-six slots

supervisor that supports WAN/LAN

8-12 ports 1000Base-SX

RMON license

12-24 100Base-TX

2 ports WAN (T-3)



Will have T-3 connection immediately. Depending of Quest capabilitiies, we could also get LRE Gig feeds as well.

Access switches most likely will be 2950s.

Core network 3 different choices:

Choice 1:

Upgrading an existing 6006 (currently no Layer-3 capability)

8 WS-G5484 8 port 1000Base-TX (cross connect) GBIC

2 WS-G5486 1000Base-LX/LH (long haul) GBIC

8 WS-X6408A-GBIC 8 port GE module (requires GBIC's)

1 WS-X6K-S2-MSFC2= Supervisor upgrade

1 WS-6182-2PA= WS-6182-2PA= Flex WAN module (supports 2 port


1 S6MSF2AK2H-1211E latest version IOS for 6006

1 SC6K-SUP-5.4.4= Catalyst 6000 Sup 2 Flash Image

1 WS-CX06-EMS-LIC Catalyst 6006 RMON Agent License

1 CON-SNT-PKG16 Catalyst 6006 NBD hardware/software


1 WS-CX06-RACK= Rack mount kit for 6006 series

Choice 2:

7200 series router 2 FE, 1 GE, 2 T-3 (too few 1000Base-SX and

100Base-TX ports)

1 Cisco 7204VXR/225 chassis with IO controller with FE and NPE225

1 MEM-SD-NPE-128MB 128 MB RAM for NPE225

1 CD72-A-12.1T= Enterprise IOS

1 PA-MC-2T3+= or PA-2T3= 2 port T-3 serial adapter

1 FR-WPP72= Cisco IOS series WAN packet protocols/Netflow license

1 PWR-7200-AC= AC power supply

1 ACS-7200-RMK= rack mount kit

1 RMON license

1 CON-SNT-PKG13 SMARTNet Maintenance

1 PA-GE= single GE port

Choice 3:

New 6500 series switch

1 WS-6506-1300AC= chassis w/power supply

1 WS-X6K-S2-MSFC2= 6500 supervisor engine-2, 2 GE, plus MSFC-2 &


1 SC6K9CV-6.1.1 Cat6K Sup 2 Image w/CiscoView & w/SSH, Rel 6.1.(1)

1 WS-C606-EMS-LIC RMON license

1 WS-X6182-2PA= Flex WAN module (2 ports)

1 WS-X6516-GBIC= 16 port GE, enhanced QOS (Requires GBIC's)

16 WS-5484 1000BASE-SX GBIC

2 WS-5486 1000BASE-LX/LH GBIC

1 WS-CX06-RACK= Rack mount kit for 6006 series

1 CON-SNT-PKG16 SMARTNet Maintenance

1 MEM-C2K-FLC16M= Cat 60000, Supervisor PCMCIA 16 MB flash memory card

MEM-C6K-WAN-128M= WAN module memory

Please advise with any suggestions.


Re: Campus design help

Give a look at the 760x, the 65xx tops out on flexwan cards at oc-3, the 7600

has a bit more headroom. and configures like a 65...

New Member

Re: Campus design help

If your WAN connection is not redundant, I would probably pull that in using a router connected to a pair of core switches (your 6006s). i don't know the restrictions as far as size/infrastructure of where you want to put the servers, but I would probably buy a 7206 to bring the WAN connection into the core. 2 6509s to host your server distribution with a 16 port -gbic card(ws-x6416), buy the appropriate gbics (ws-g5484) and a 10/100 48 port card (ws-x6348) for FE support. The 6509s would have sup2s with MSFC and PFC. With this setup, I would probably leave the core layer-2 and do all the routing via the layer-3 devices at the distribution level (WAN and Server). Buy the maintenance that best suits your needs and any additional modules that you want or may need. It doesn't appear that you are buying enough modules to support 1200-1500 connections. you may want to look at deploying access switches (ws-c2950G-24s) throughout your server farm and patch them into the distro pair utilizing GigE uplinks. Also, look at how you want to provide HA and redundancy to your servers/network and apply spanning tree settings such that redudnancy/HA are not issues. You could also configure Load balancing and failover via HSRP.

I hope this helps. Please feel free to contanct me with any questions pertaining to this. Good Luck.


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