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Campus Design

Good Afternoon All,

We have two 3550 switches and about 20x 2950 switches across out network. One of the 3550 switches acts as a VTP server and has EIGRP enabled. We have about 10 vlans configured on our network. Is EIGRP the best routing protocol for our enviroment?

We also use trunking into between our switches as well.


Re: Campus Design

2 x 3550 and one had EIGRP enabled which I would suspect is the only one doing the intervlan routing? If all you need to do with these 3550 is inter-vlan routing, I say EIGRP is good enough after all you probably have one exit point to the gateway of last resort and that router will need the routes to your vlans and that's why I am not suggesting a static route on 3550 which would certainly help it's processor. The reason why I think you should stay with dynamic routing is it's probably easier for the nieghboring router to learn the 3550's directly connected networks rather than statically defining them on the neighboring router.

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