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Campus Manager 3.0

I will try to solve this through this forum first and then if I have no success, I will try a TAC case: Im using Campus Manager 3.0. In User Tracking, I discover approx. 1800 MAC addresses. Of these, I will have only 59 HostNames and IP Addresses. I cant find a common thread as to why some show up and the rest do not. For instance, in our library there are 3 workstations. All three are actively connected to our network through the same 3Com switch, but in User Tracking, I get only one of the workstations HostName and IP Address. If I didnt see any Hostnames or IP Addresses it would be one thing, but the fact that i do see 59 of them and not the rest is puzzling to me. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Campus Manager 3.0

I am having the same problem, I am only getting IP info on about a quarter of my devices.

What are you using for a seed device?

I am thinking that it lies some where either in the MIB's or one of the SNMP traps.


Re: Campus Manager 3.0

1. please note that Campus Manager/User Tracking do not support any non-Cisco devices like 3Com etc. It will not see them or work with them.

2. Upgrade to Campus Manager 3.1 which has new device support and some major bug fixes related to User Tracking etc.

3. See the section "Troubleshooting UserTracker" at: which should help you solve the issue unless you're running into any bugs.

Hope this helps.

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