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Campus Manager Network Topology - Polling problem

The Network Topology has discovered 2 routers on the network. The devices are not in the RME device list and are being polled thru Campus Mgr Topology Map. I thought the RME and Campus manager when integrated only polls devices in RME device list, but unfortunately not.

Question : How to stop routers in Topology map to being polled ? ( The devices have been deleted but will inevitably be re-discovered. )

Is there something special to be configured to prevent un-necessary polling ?



Re: Campus Manager Network Topology - Polling problem

First, the devices between Campus and RME does not synchronize automatically. USer has to set this up first manually under Server Configuration->Setup->ANI Server Admin->Device Synchronization and enable whether you want to Sync from or To Campus/RME.

As for the 2nd issue about the routers re-appering, it depends on how you have setup your discovery and seed device under Server Configuration->Setup->ANI Server Admin->Discovery Settings. If you have specified thse routers as seed devices, you may want to remove them as sees and add a switch as a seed device for discovery. In that case if Jump Router Boundries is checked then these and others may re-appear again in the map even after deleting them when the re-discovery starts again. In that case un-check the Jump Router Boundries to stop extending discovery beyond the boundaries set by routers on your network. But this may limit disovering some other routers which you may want to discover.

Another better option would that if you just want to make sure that these 2 specific routers do not get discovered at all, you may want to setup Discovyer Filters using the Filtering Criteria where by you can filter based on IP Addresses and VTP Domain. If you select Filter Devices by IP Addresses, then you can define an iip address or a range with * as wild cards to either Discover or Not Discover the devices based on your criteria. Refer to the on-line help for more details on this. If you use Filters, make sure that you set them up properly other wise you could end up blocking devices which you want to see in the map.

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Re: Campus Manager Network Topology - Polling problem

Thank you for above. I have an additional question with Campus Manager.

Based on the following schedule can you tell me why a device that was taken down on the 9th did not show up as down on the topology map even to-date until someone reported it down ? Are changes to schedules require processes to beshutdown and restarted ?

RME->Administration->Availability-Change Polling Options

Poll Reload & Protocol Distribution Every -2-Hours

Verify Status Interface Every-60-Minutes

Verify Device Reachability Every-15-Minutes

RME->Administration->Inventory->Inventory Poller

Poller Every-Saturday-23:30-Hours

Collection Every-Sunday-22:30-Hours

RME->Administration->Configuration Management

Configuration Retrieval Every Sundays-1:30am-Hours

Campus Manager->Topology Map Discovery

SNMP Polling Frequency:Every-300-Seconds

Device Fault Manager Rediscovery schedule: Every Friday 12:00pm

Server Configuration->Setup->Discover Schedule


Polling Every:0:10mins

Server Configuration->Setup->Device Synchronisation ( Synchronize Essentials)

From RME Mon-Sun 2:17am

To RME Mon-Sun 1:17am

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Re: Campus Manager Network Topology - Polling problem

In regards to above, I realise that the discovery schedule for DFM topology map has been set to every friday but with the SNMP polling frequency set in CiscoView to 300 sec should this not pick up the device as down or with RME polling ?

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Re: Campus Manager Network Topology - Polling problem

Another way to stop a device from being in the Topology map, is to make a configuration change on the device, the router in this case, to disable CDP on all interfaces. Then go to the ajacent devices and clear the cdp tables. The divice will be come invisable and not be added to the topology map again.

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