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Can 6509 do the job ?

Our Customer has 5 sites, connected by optical fibers. In each site there is a 6509 with twin supervisor2/MSFC2.

Our customer wants to implement video streams multicasted between his 5 sites.

The video quality will reflect on the bandwidth and QOS needed:

- 800Mbps bandwidth for each video stream.

- Other applications will use the same links as well and need to be differentiated so the other data connections will not disturb the video traffic.

- Availability rate of 99.999%.

We intend to implement the following solution with the customer 6509:

- Connect the 6509 using 10GE and Etherchannel Giga interfaces.

- Implement the following QOS features: WFQ, WRED, LLQ.

- Reach availability by applying M-HSRP.

We need to decide if 6500 are capable of doing the functions described above.

Can you verify please ?

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Re: Can 6509 do the job ?


The 6500 is capable of providing those attributes although better understanding of the application requirements, topology of the fibre, configuration, interfaces, etc would be required. Please contact your Cisco channel team and they will work with you. Alternatively contact to discuss further.

Re: Can 6509 do the job ?


Yes the 6500 can do all all things you have requested and you will have the additional L2 QoS functions too.

One would need to understand the traffic patterns and placement of M/cast sources to get, Eg:

10 Gigabit Ethernet modules, with Supervisor Engine 2 and SFM, support CEF and can be upgraded in the field to support dCEF through the addition of the distributed forwarding daughter card (DFC). This would be a lot more scalable and keep unwanted traffic off backplanes et al. :)

Bear in Mind that M/routing is pretty intensive depending on mroute table size, a large table causes more problems due to RPF checks every 1-3 seconds (if i re-call correctly). So design of where streams are sourced and M/cast redundancy is vital for scalability and up time.

Look at anycast RP for example.





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Re: Can 6509 do the job ?

Absolutely, the 6500 is capable of doing all the above. I would recommend looking a dual sup's for additional high availability.

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