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Can a 2950/2924 switch deal with an ARP rely carrying a multicast MAC addr?

I have two CheckPoint/Nokia firewalls (running in load balancing mode) plugged into a 2950 switch on the outside and a 2924 switch on the inside. CP uses multicast MAC address when configured for load balancing. On a router I have to add a static ARP entry for the multicast MAC address due to RCF 1812, but do I have to do that on the switches also? I can't telnet to the switches, through the CP, unless I add a static ARP entry in the switch - it seems to ignore the ARP reply from the CP. If there is some other way to get this to work without having to have a static ARP entry in the switch I'd rather do that.

Also, IGMP snooping is on by default, but all the multicast traffic is still flooded to all the ports - how do I get the multicast traffic to just go to the port the CP is connected to?


Re: Can a 2950/2924 switch deal with an ARP rely carrying a mult

Here's a doc that might help you in troubleshooting the issue wherein the Switch flooding traffic to every port, instead of just to the port to which the CP is connected.

Check this one also:

You can configure a permanant ARP entry if that would help.When you configure a permanent ARP by using the set arp permanent command, the ARP entry is retained even after a system reset.

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