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Can Cisco 3600 module be use on Cisco 2600


Can Cisco 3600 Series LAN Network Module NM-1FE-TX ( one port 100BaseTX) Network MOdule be use on Cisco 2620.

Is ther any 4 ports 100 Base Module that can be use on Cisco 2600/3600?

another question, Kpps, kilo packets per second, what does it means on router throughput? any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Re: Can Cisco 3600 module be use on Cisco 2600

Yes, the 2600 & 3600 modules are interchangeable.

After looking through the product guide, it does not look like there is a 4 port Fast Ethernet card.

The kpps rating is based on an average packet size of 64 k. So you can do some simple math to figure the max throughput of the router.


Lance Wantland

Re: Can Cisco 3600 module be use on Cisco 2600

You cannot use it for a 2600. Also NM-1FE-TX is an end of sale product from cisco. These will be replaced by NM-1FE2W. For 2600, you can use NM-16ESW which is a 16 port ether switch module. But all these ports will be considered as s switched port and not individual ports of the router (not routed interface). You cannot assing ip addresses to each of these interfaces, like you do for a routed interface.

Kpps means kilo packets per second. kilo = 10 exp 3.

So its a unit of measurement of the rate at which the router can switch packets. Its definitely a measure of router throughput. if the throughput for example, is defined as 10000 kpps, it can switch 10000 * 10 exp 3 packets in one second. The router processor has the capability to switch these many packets in 1 second.

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