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Can I do this with a 1605r and a linksys?


I am trying to set up a little lab in my house and I was wondering if this was possible.

I have a Linksys broadband router hanging off of a cable modem. I want to make a screened subnet (10.x.x.x) with a "honeypot" server between that router and a 1605r. I also want to put a secure subnet (192.x.x.x) behind the 1605r but I want the hosts behind the cisco to access the internet via the cable modem. Is there a way to configure this?

Thank you for your help, Chris


Re: Can I do this with a 1605r and a linksys?


Sure there is. In the linksys, depending on what firware your running, there is a place for routing information. In here is a choice between static and running RIP (V1 or2). If you install a static route to the 192.x.x.x network and point it's next hop inside to your 1605 10.x.x.x address that will handle traffic going into that network. The 1605 would then need a default route to the inside address of the linksys ( or whatever). The linksys would NAT everything for you. As for your inside access to your server, well Linksys does offer, again depending on firmware version, many options for inbound translation for outside-inside access. This is one of a couple (Rip being another one) options.

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Re: Can I do this with a 1605r and a linksys?

Thank you, very much, for your quick response. I will take a crack at this. Stand by for config analysis. : )

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