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can i replace OSPF area 0 with EIGRP..??

Hi all

i have a Network where i am deploying OSPF with 3 areas and a backbone area ( area 0) .

i have a problem of congestion on the core links , where some links are congested while the others are not fully utilized.

i tried to solve this problem by changing the COST parameter in the OSPF configuration, where by this change , i manually rerouted the traffic on a per link basis to equally balance between the core links. but this solution forced me to some physical changes on the core to make it work.

the problem i am facing is that i need to find a solution to dynamically utilize the core links based on the B.W utilization on the core links.

i thought to change to EIGRP , but i don't want to go this way so as not to lose the good managing features of OSPF and the concept of areas and separating the network areas.

can i change the backbone area ( area 0 ) to EIGRP to get the function of EIGRP in selecting the path according to B.W , and at the same time leave the OSPF areas to have the benefit of deviding the network into areas.???



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Re: can i replace OSPF area 0 with EIGRP..??

It's not a good ideal to replaces ospf by eigrp just because U want to get the

advantage of dynamic metric to imply the unequal load balancing.(Of course ,we can replace the area 0 of eigrp then mutual redistribute ,but the route informations from one area1 to area2 through eigrp domain will lose the

advantages of LS routing protocol.U can identify the route only based on the tag of routes,eigrp won't remain the area infomation from ospf)

So ,why not test other way to utilize the link?such as policy routing,or static route to distribute traffics on the idle link?

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