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Can I use a RAS server to dial?

I am running a Java based FTP application on a Sun Solaris platform. All of my connections have been across dedicated, networked links. I now have a requirement to dial out to a number of remote sites that have RAS servers. Is there a Cisco device that I can use to dial out via async modems and establish the PPP connection? In my application, I can only indicate the IP address of the remote site. Can the Cisco device cross reference the IP address with a phone number to dial? I think it's called DDR.


Re: Can I use a RAS server to dial?


Yes, this should be possible using the dialer map command which maps the next hop ip address to a number to call.

Regarding the Cisco device to use, depends on the following factors:

1)Number of modems that will be in use at a given time.

2)Whether you have a T1/PRI or POTS lines.



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Re: Can I use a RAS server to dial?

This is great information. Thanks.

Let's say we would want to use 6 to 8 modems at a time and we would be using POTS lines. What type of device might we use?

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Re: Can I use a RAS server to dial?

Cisco's 2600 with NM-8AM will give you 8 analog modems built in which you can access it using POTS line..You can also use NM-16AM if you need more then 8 ports..Thx..Tejal

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