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New Member

Can't Access Campus

First off, I do not manage this Ciscoworks implementation but I do have quite a bit of experience with it. In this instance I am a user that was given access to it by one of our contractors who presently manages it. I dont' recall how to tell which version I am using but several of the applications and packages are version 3.3 with the rest being lower. When first accessing it, it auto-installed Java version was 1.3.0.

I can access and login using an XP client with MS JVM and Java 1.3.0 or 1.3.1 (which I downloaded from CCO). I can use RME and other tools but I am unable to access any of the Campus apps. I get error messages such as:

Campus Manager Error

Cannot connect to ANI server: ANIServer4.0-cwstprd

Probable Cause

Server not found

Recommended Action

Verify that ANIServer4.0-cwstprd is running and restart Campus Manager

I checked the Server Configuration, Applications and Versions, Packages Installed and it claims ANI 4.0 is enabled. Under Applications installed there are the following Campus applications that are enabled:

Topology Services

User Tracking

VLAN Port Assignment

When clicking About ANI Server, Copyrights and Versions I get the following error:


AniWrapper>>analyze(DEVICES) Server Named: ANIServer4.0-cwstprd on port: 14004

System Information


Configuration Settings


Raw Analysis




I have the Roles of Helpdesk, Approver, Network Operator and Network Administrator. Except for "Network Discrepancies" it looks like I should be able to use all of the Campus Apps.

What could be the reason(s) why this is failing? Is it the CW server, my workstation or is the contractor limiting my use? Thanks in advance.


Re: Can't Access Campus

Try stopping/starting the ANIServer process either from the CUI or CLI and then try to access it again. Make sure that you're using plug-in version 1.3.1

New Member

Re: Can't Access Campus

Unfortunately I am not sure I have the authority to do that. I did check into it further by looking at Server Configuration, Administration, Process Management, Process Status and it appears the ANIServer has been shut down by the administrator. So I guess that explains why it's not working. I'll check into why it's shut down and go from there. Thanks for your help.


Re: Can't Access Campus

You can stop/strat the ANI Server process from the GUI as well if your login role allow this. Try this and then connect to Campus again.

New Member

Re: Can't Access Campus

from message , may be your ANI server is stoped or working wrong. you can rerun it or reinstall

New Member

Re: Can't Access Campus

Our contractor started the ANI server so the original issue is fixed.

Unfortunately, I am still not able to access the Campus apps. I can still use RME and other apps but, for instance, when trying to load Topology Services, it gets so far and then my browser just dissappears. This might have something to do with our corporate standard software load since that has happened to me in the past when mistyping a URL. For instance, typing .con instead of the .com. Maybe it has to do with IE6?

To start I will unload Java, try to access CW and let it auto install Java. If that doesn't do anything I'll unload Java, reinstall 1.3.1 manually, try it again and, if it doesn't work, I'll be back..

New Member

Re: Can't Access Campus

I am still unable to access Campus applications and am thinking about loading Netscape.

How can I determine the exact version I am using (i.e. CD1 version 5) without looking at the physical disks? The CW server shows the following versions for different applications but it doesn't mean anything to me.

Common Management Foundation 2

Availability Manager 3.2

Configuration Archive 3.3

Inventory Manager 3.3

NetConfig 3.3

Syslog Analyzer 3.3

Network Show Commands 3.3

Software Image Manager 3.3

Campus Manager Topology Services Application 3.1

Campus Manager User Tracking Application 3.1

Path Analysis Application 3.1

Campus Manager VLAN Port Assignment Application 3.1

New Member

Re: Can't Access Campus

I found the CW2K compatibility matrix and it looks like I'm running CD1 version 4. I'm going to find out what the supported version of Netscape is and install it. I've heard it works better anyway. If memory serves me correctly, I uninstall the Java applet when using Netscape. Is that correct? I'll try to find it in the documentation.