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Can't create VPN tunnel over T1 WAN

Hi folks,

I have a home network with two 2600s and a Linksys router. I have three subnets. If a client is on the first subnet it can create a VPN tunnel (using IPSec) to my job. However when I move that client to another subnet (Over back to back T1 WAN connection) I can't create the tunnel.

I have put the client back on the first subnet (on same network as Linksys router) I can connect. Which leads to think it something over the T1 WAN. it's not a routing issue because I can ping the ip of the VPN box at my job from the subnet over the T1 WAN.

Is there anything that I am supposed to do to support IPSec over the WAN?

Any ideas?

Many thanks!

Community Member

Re: Can't create VPN tunnel over T1 WAN

There can be a lot of things to check here. routes & gateways, router configuration, NAT/PAT issues. Hard to determine without running through some debugs and seing your configs. TAC is your best bet at this point.

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