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can't get "line protocol up"

I have an accespro router which I can't get the line protocol on E0

to change state to up on E0.

I just purchased this card on Ebay and I have 2 other like cards.

I did a wr erase on the card, reloaded the router, bypassed auto-install,

and manually configured an ip address. When I did a sh int E0 i would

see E0 up and line protocol down. I did a shutdown on E0 followed by a no shutdown on E0, but the line protocol would not come up. Could I have

a hardware problem on this card. I followed the exact same steps on another

accesspro card that I installed in the same PC, same slot and same cables

and the line protocol comes up so I'm thinking its a problem with the card.

Any comments suggestions would be appreciated.


Re: can't get "line protocol up"

It sounds like a hardware problem but it could be the cable you are using or the port on the hub/switch which is faulty. The only way to tell is by swapping the various components.

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Re: can't get "line protocol up"


Whenever I find an interface in an up/dn state is is usually a duplex issue. Check the router interface {sh int E0} to see whether duplex is full or half and then check the device at the other end for the same status. Some devices/pcs/switches don't autosignal correctly with Cisco devices, so often this needs to be set manually.


Re: can't get "line protocol up"

Please check the cable- What is connected to that interface. and what type of cable are you using

If you just want to bring the interface up, for testing without connecting to anything, you can use the no keepalive command under the interface.

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