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Can't join vtp domain

I have a L3 Switch/Router Software (CAT2948G-IN-M), Version 12.0(7)WX5(15a). I am trying to join the vtp domain I have but when I type vlan database to configure it. The command does not exist. Am I missing something or does this ver. not support joining vtp domains or vlans... Thanks

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Re: Can't join vtp domain

can you try vlan database command ?


Re: Can't join vtp domain


To join to the VTP domain use the foollowing commands:

(config)#vtp mode client --- or server

(config)#vtp domain "domainname" --- !case sensitive

and also check that is there a VTP password or not, if password is set you should set on all device the same password anyway you can't join to the VTP domain.

And if you want to create VLANs in the domain you need do this on the VTP server, on client ou can't do.

You can do with the vlan database exec command or vlan "id" global config command.

switch#vlan database

switch(vlan)#vlan 150 name Test



switch(config)#vlan 150

switch(config-vlan)#name Test


Result of two versions are same.



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Re: Can't join vtp domain

Hi .. vlan database mode is not supported on all version .. on some version you can perform your VLAN tasks from the config mode. The vlan information is stored on flash on a file named vlan.dat

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Re: Can't join vtp domain

Hi .. some of the devices are not support vlan database mode , few devices only support configuration mode ( config t) to create the VTP server or cliet, following sample configure file for your ref.

witch-A# configure terminal

Switch-A(config)# vtp domain LANPS

Domain name already set to LANPS.

Switch-A(config)# vtp mode server

Device mode already VTP SERVER.

Switch-A(config)# vtp password cisco

Password already set to cisco.

Switch-A(config)# vtp version 2

VTP mode already in V2.

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Re: Can't join vtp domain

This is a 2948G-L3, it uses BVI and bridge-group to do what a regular switch do with vlan and interface vlan. Therefore there is NO vlan database in this device, VTP is NOT supported in this platform. It is not becuase of the IOS, it is because of the hardware. Hope that is clear.

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Re: Can't join vtp domain

Thanks for the info, I am still able to put ports in this switch in a specific vlan? Do I need to use bridge-groups Thanks again

Re: Can't join vtp domain

it does not have vlan database therefore there is no way to put an interface in a particular vlan. It (2948G-L3) uses bridge-group, so yes, use bridge-group. However, bridge-group is of local significance, you can still connecte this to a switch that does vlan and make this 2948G-L3 the L3 for inter-vlan routing.

Here is a link with a nice diagram to follow what I am talking about:

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