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Can't Ping Cat 4000

We have 2 Cat 4000 96 port switches. I changed the port duplex and speed for a standard port and all of sudden I couldn't ping this switch anymore? Traffice still flows through the switch .

Why would this happen?

Is there a config to disable telnet and ping on a Cisco Switch?

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Re: Can't Ping Cat 4000

What was attached to the port in question?

Which VLAN was the management IP of the switch in? Are there other ports in this VLAN?


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Re: Can't Ping Cat 4000

console in to the switch, get the following:

show interface >> What vlan is the sc0? what is it's IP address?

show ip route >> to find out what is the default-gateway for this switch in case the PC is in different vlan.

Get a PC directly connected to this switch:

1.What port is the pc connected to" show port x/x

2. show cam dynamic x/x >> the PC port, confirm this is the port.

3. What vlan is the port in? Waht ip address is the PC?

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Re: Can't Ping Cat 4000

All ports are part of the same vlan (vlan1).

I will check out all the requested info and report back tomorrow.

This was the senario. I replaced a bogus 3com switch yesterday. This 3com switch attaches to the cisco in question. The ports that attached the two, on the 3com, was reporting 10A at Half, so I manually changed it to 100F.

The Cisco didn't auto adjust to the settings for that port. When I looked at the port on cisco it reported 10h. So I changed it 100F. BANG. Can't ping the switch...and I can't ping a different cat 4000.

The second Cat 4000 I didn't even touch? The two 4000's are connected by fiber, but the 3com is not.

I inherited this network.

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Re: Can't Ping Cat 4000

I solved this problem:

The port I changed to FULL 100 was 2/37. This port coincidently was the ME1 port and was plugged into the 10-base t port on this switch.

The ME1 port was configured not the SC0 port. I downed the ME1 port and configured the SC0 port and brought it up.

All good.

Thanks for the clues that let me to this answer.

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