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Can't PING my Interfaces

Hello All & Greetings.

I have 3 2500 series routers properly connected and have configured the serial int with proper IP addresses. I can ping from any int on one router to any int on any other router. And, thisis true of any of the 3 routers that I have. However, I cannot ping my own serial int on my router. [so say if I have R1, R2, R3, I can ping from R1 the serial int of R2 and R3. But not the ser int of R1.]

Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong. Thanks in advance.



Re: Can't PING my Interfaces

Can you input ur configs and topology for further troubleshooting.

Give a debug ip packet (since its lab, it wont you dont need worry abt the command's impact) and see what messages you are getting. (Or a debug ip icmp).

Once the debug commands are enabled, try pinging your own interface.

Do you have access-lists on any of the routers ?

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Re: Can't PING my Interfaces

I will try and address the above 3 paras as 3 qs and I hope I make sense.

First, 'input ur configs ...', can you please elaborate some - meanin how and what purpose, etc.

Second, '.. debug ip packet ...' how / why etc.

Third, no, there are no access lists - standard or extended.

Finally, I was able to ping ser int on other routers!

Hope this helps. Thanks,


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Re: Can't PING my Interfaces

You can not ping your own interface if it´s configured as frame-relay because the router need a mapping between layer-two to layer-three for every destination.

Look at:

Re: Can't PING my Interfaces


Check if you have enabled Unicast RPF on your interfaces. If you enable that, you wont be able to ping your own interface. Try doing a "no ip verify unicast reverse-path" on your serial interfaces.

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