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Can't telnet port 3389 with two BRI B channel up

Following my previous conversation regarding the PPP Multilink problem. I have a Windows 2000 server with the Terminal services for Web running. From the client site using the ISDN BRI through the Internet the connection allways failed if they are using 2 B channel, but if they are using 1 B channel, dial up or leased line connection they don't have any problem connecting. I also found out that from the client site if the two channel up I can't telnet port 3389 but if only one channel I can. Is this problem have something to do with the ISP where they connecting their ISDN router, or is there any high port connection issues if you are using PPP Multilink, or is it a brand specific problem since if I use other brand of router to test it can work.

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Re: Can't telnet port 3389 with two BRI B channel up

You may want to ensure the customer has recent code; there were some MPPP issues when the second link would come up (independent of the protocol or port #), although these were fixed in early 12.1 and 12.2 code. They can also try a test of disabling fragmentation ("no ppp mult frag") to see if that makes a difference.

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