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Can the 1721 - with - wic 1shdsl - wan If do this ?

I'v been looking for a place to ask this question - and hope that someone here might be able to help:

We have a NetCafe - planed for 5o Pc's (right now 32 in place) by our ISP we have been promished 64 fixed IP's together with a Ghdsl net installation to take place the 10 of june 2003.

Obviously we ame to have every PC' have a unik IP - as this is part of the concept of the Cafe' (being able to setup a temp game server - and letting your freinds join from back home or other Cafe's):

What router equip do we need to control this ?

Can the 1721 (1shdsl - wan if) do this ?

Or is even the 828 maybe able to - and fast enough to handle this ?


The gsdsl - line is actually a very expensive solution - so I have this general - add on question:

A much cheaper way - would be having 2 or more adsl lines put in to the Cafe. What Cisco router is able of handeling Load-ballance between more adsl lines ?

Thanks a lot in advance for any advice !

J. H. Nielsen, Denmark


Re: Can the 1721 - with - wic 1shdsl - wan If do this ?

Cisco 1721 router willbe a better choice since it supports Multilink PPP.

The Bundling of ATM Interfaces using Multilink PPP (MLPPP) feature supports other QoS features, such as LLQ and CBWFQ and link fragmentation and interleaving. The bundling feature supports the other QoS features over a multilink MLPPP bundle for which members of the bundle are defined across physically different DSL interfaces. The bundling occurs at the ATM layer through ATM permanentvirtual circuits (PVCs). This feature is supported on Cisco 1720, 1721, 1751, 1751V, 1760, and 1760V routers only. For this, you can use a 1721 router with 2 ADSL Wics, and you will need to use IOS code 12.2(8)YN with an IP/ADSL PLUS feature set.

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