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Can you disable Spanning tree on a single interface?

We want to disable Spanning tree on a single port as it keeps blocking due to an error from a non Cisco device sending a q tagged BDPU on a non taged interface. To make sure there were no loops I shutdown all other interfaces and still this port goes down. I do not want to disable STP for the rest of the switch. How do I disable STP on this one port. This is on a 4507 running Native IOS 12.1

Any help appreciated.


Re: Can you disable Spanning tree on a single interface?

You can use the 'spanning-tree bpdufilter enable' command on the interface. This disables BPDUs on the interface. need IOS 12.1(12c)EW at least.

Caution Use care when entering the spanning-tree bpdufilter enable command. Enabling BPDU filtering on an interface is approximately equivalent to disabling the spanning tree for this interface. It is possible to create bridging loops if this command is not correctly used

Also, you could make the interface a L3 / routed interface to disable spanning tree but the device would have to be in its own subnet then.

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