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Cannot break into ROMMON.

I have 2 X 2504 Routers. With the first I can use the Control+Break sequence to break into ROMMON mode. However, with the second router using the same laptop and software I cannot break into ROMMON (therefore PC & Software is OK).

In addition, I do not have the passwords for the box. Please can anyone help.

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Re: Cannot break into ROMMON.

I would try using a different software emulator on the one that is not working. Perhaps you can try procomm, or a different version of hyperterminal

Re: Cannot break into ROMMON.

Are you using hyperterminal software with WinNT 4.0 on your laptop ?

Hyperterm for winnt has a bug in it regarding the break sequence. So try upgrading service packs or download latest HTT.

if you want to get into rommon mode, there is another way to do it. Set the speed in hyper term first to 1200-8-1-N and start the router. Press the key for a few seconds. (10-15 secs) and then reconnect hyperterminal at 9600-8-1-N. You should be inside rommon mode now.


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Re: Cannot break into ROMMON.

Yes I am using Hyperterminal on NT4.0 but it is the upgraded version and the break sequence works.

And as I mentioned in my previous note the break sequence works to one of my 2504 routers but not to the other. Therefore I know my software emulator works.

I have also tried changing the baud speed and holding down space... and so on. However, this fails to work as well.

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