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New Member

Cannot load Flash

My 2600 powers on in a continuous boot loop with the following error:

open: file "n" not found

open(): Open Error = -1

loadprog: error - on file open

boot: cannot load "flash:n"

I can only get it back on-line by going to ROMMON and typing in the following command:

rommon 2 > boot flash:c2600-bin-mz.122-15.T5

I have removed all the modules, the config-register is set correctly and I have also purchased a new flash card; with no change.

I would be grateful for any advice provide to resolve this issue.



Re: Cannot load Flash

Check your running config, it sounds like there is a 'boot system flash:n' command in there. This command tells it to load a file called n from flash. Take the command out by going into config t and typing command with no in front of it.

After all boot system flash commands are gone, do a write mem and reload and the router should boot up off the image on the flash. You can also put the boot system flash command in pointing to a correct image on the flash if you have multiple images on the flash, or just want to.


New Member

Re: Cannot load Flash


Config does not have a boot command. The router only has one image on the flash.

Re: Cannot load Flash

Thats interesting.

Does this happen on soft reloads, hard reboots or both?

Newer release of IOS to. Did a search and didn't find any known bugs.

Try doing a 'write erase' to clear out the NVRAM in case something may be there causing problems, then a 'write mem' or 'copy run start' to put running-config back to the fresh NVRAM and reboot and see what happens.


Re: Cannot load Flash

Why not try to include your magic boot command in the config file. i.e.

boot flash:c2600-bin-mz.122-15.T5

It might be finding it hard to to see the file as the first image in the flash.

New Member

Re: Cannot load Flash

This happens on both type of reboots.

On initial troubleshooting I tried the write erase and also adding the a boot statement to the config. Can you set any boot parameters in ROMMON?

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