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Cannot make transparent switch a client

File this under "switch does not work and play well with others". Cat 4006 stuck in transparent mode. CatOS 5.5, 2 non channeled Gig uplinks to my two Cat 6500s (core/distro). They are running as trunks. Switch does not transmit vtp joins, even on the forwarding ports.

Everything works well by hand jamming VLAN data into the 4006 config. 4006 will not join the VTP domain as every other switch has. Fundamentally, everything works well except for clients on other switches in the same vlan trying to get to clients on this switch (as in peer to peer). Also believe this to be causing sporadic performance on the multicast I am doing.


Re: Cannot make transparent switch a client

I have come across a similar problem with a Cat6K but that was due to some bug in CatOS. When I rolled back to earlier version, the problem disappeared. May be you should try a similar trick.

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Re: Cannot make transparent switch a client

Thanks. Well, I ended up pulling the trunks, clearing the config, UPGRADING the Cat OS. I brought everything back up. It took a couple times, but the switch eventually came up as a client and is (knock on wood) behaving well.

I believe you must be very careful in the order you bring up a link, (even physically), trunk it, and configure vtp info on it.

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