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Cannot ping host on different subnet, very confusing

Greetings all!

Okay SO, I've got a 3640 running IOS 11.1(20) managing one subnet, and I've got a 1720 IOS 12.1 managing another. The 3640's subnet is and the 1720's is

There is a dsl point to point link router using ip It connects to subnet The 1720's ip is and the 3640 is

My problem is this: The router (and conversly the clients) on the subnet cannot ping the dsl router. They can ping EVERYTHING else on that subnet ( Ideally, they should be able to use the dsl link to get to resources on the subnet. But it's confusing because they can't even ping the dsl router. Any suggestions as to where to look to find a clue, or ideas on things to try would be very much appreciated. My apologies if my posting lacks clarity, but my brain is fuzzy with thinking about this alot.



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Re: Cannot ping host on different subnet, very confusing


not sure if I understand your setup correctly. Do you have:

1 3640

1 1720

1 DSL router

? How are those routers connected ? Where is the DSL router connected to ? It seems to me that your clients on subnet cannot get to the DSL router because the router has an IP address from the same address space as the 3640. So your clients know how to get to the 3640, but not to the DSL router.



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Re: Cannot ping host on different subnet, very confusing

It seems like the DSL router doesn't have a route for the network.

Hope thi helps,

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