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Cannot "Break" Cisco 2621XM...

I am trying to perform password recovery for some people that manage a certain router. They do not have old configs or a good password for this router. I am using hyperterm with windows xp on a laptop and use ctrl func break and it is not breaking. I cannot see what the config registry is set to so I cannot tell if they disabled the "break" key. I have used various other break sequences. When I test my laptop on another device to break into it I have no problems. Can anyone give me any advice on how to break into this device? I am also not sure if they have "no password-recovery" in their configurations since they have no documentation on this.

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Re: Cannot "Break" Cisco 2621XM...

In case they have no pass recovery set, take a look at the IOS 12.4 security configuration guide, page 1866:

"To recover a device once the No Service Password-Recovery feature has been enabled, press the Break key within 5 seconds after the image decompresses during the boot. You are prompted to confirm the Break key action. When you confirm the action, the startup configuration is erased, the password-recovery procedure is enabled, and the router boots with the factory default configuration.

If you do not confirm the Break key action, the router boots normally with the No Service

Password-Recovery feature enabled."

You may also check if you got the correct break sequence for the combination of device and terminal. Here is a list of some :



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Re: Cannot "Break" Cisco 2621XM...

In addition to Keller's fine recommendation, I suggest changing the baud rate on the terminal session (try values from 9600 to 115200) until it works.

It may also want to try another application, like putty:

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