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CAR or Shaping for 30Mbps at 7513?

I need to limit the BW to a customer (30mbps).

It has fast ethernet as local loop (Optical+IP), and is connected to a Cisco 7513 Fe interface.

My questions is, should I apply CAR (rate-limit) or traffic-shape command?

Which values (CIR,Bc,Be), are recommended?

Please, comments are welcome.

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Re: CAR or Shaping for 30Mbps at 7513?

use MQC (class based policing)

"Cisco recommends using the modular QoS CLI features when possible to implement quality of service in your network. Use class-based policing through the police command in a service policy to implement rate limiting without buffering or queuing. Avoid using CAR, for which no new features or functionality is planned. Cisco will continue to support CAR for existing implementations using this method."

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Re: CAR or Shaping for 30Mbps at 7513?

First of all, thank you for your reply.

I have another question, because I need to change the IOS and I can't do this right now (the actual version doesn't support traffic policing).

Do you think that with (CAR) rate-limit command the cpu usage will not increase more than the recommended? Please, remember that I am talking for 30mbps.

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