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Cascade Catalyst 3560 switch for loaded traffic

I have a layer 3 Catalyst switch 3560 with 24 FE interfaces.

I need to pump traffic from traffic generator into port 1 and propagate it to other ports; the last port will be connected back to the traffic generator.

I suppose that I need to cascade some of the switchports but how do I configure the catalyst switch for this setup? Is it making use of routed port and static routing?


Re: Cascade Catalyst 3560 switch for loaded traffic

Hi Friend,

If your traffic generator connected to port1 and traffic generator connected to last port are in same vlan you do not need any routing or routed ports.

Incase you are putting the first port and last port in different vlans then you just need to configure "ip routing" command and configure layer 3 interfaces for those vlans and it will start intervlan routing.

Can you confirm the interface on your traffic generator are layer 3 interfaces to which you can assign an ip address or layer 2 interfaces on which you can configure vlans?



Community Member

Re: Cascade Catalyst 3560 switch for loaded traffic

Hi Ankur,

Thanks for the reply.

The traffic generator are layer 3 interfaces which I can assign IP address.

You mentioned that I do not need any routing, but I require traffic coming from the traffic generator(e.g FE1) going into switchport 1 to traverse through the rest of the switchports before exiting from the last switchport back to the traffic generator(e.g FE2). Therefore, I need advice on how to setup the catalyst switch to achieve this.If I assign ip address for this traffic to end at the traffic generator-FE2, the generated traffic will enter the switch at switchport 1 and directly exit from the last switchport without any traversing done. Btw, do I need to cascade my switch with cross cable in this aspect?

Thanks in advance for your advice.



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