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New Member

Cat 2950-24 Crash when the server restart.

When a specific server restart my WS-C2950-24 give me this conlose output:

02:19:22: %SYS-2-WATCHDOG: Process aborted on watchdog timeout, process = .

-Traceback= 801E0EC8 801E24D4 801DD300 802EBFD8

=== Crash Fault History ===

C2950 Software (C2950-C3H2S-M), Version 12.0(5.3)WC(1), MAINTENANCE INTERIM SOFTWARE

Compiled Mon 30-Apr-01 07:56 by devgoyal

Signal = 23, Code = 0x24, Uptime 02:19:22

r0: 00000000, AT: 00000000, v0: 00000002, v1: 00000000

a0: 0000000A, a1: 0000E700, a2: 00000000, a3: 007F9D74

t0: 00000038, t1: 1000E701, t2: 10000000, t3: FFFF00FF

t4: 801E69B8, t5: 0000001C, t6: 00000000, t7: 00000002

s0: 00000000, s1: 80450000, s2: 00000009, s3: 803A0000

s4: 80430000, s5: 80430000, s6: 8042C328, s7: 00000000

t8: 80B20804, t9: 00000000, k0: 00000000, k1: 00000000

gp: 80419220, sp: 80C2B200, s8: 00000000, ra: 801DA2F4

EPC: 801DBCFC, ErrEPC: 801E48F0, BadVA: 0x5AD5FE3D, SREG: 1000E703

Cause: 0x00000024 (code 9): Breakpoint exception

Process watchdog registers:

r0 : 00000000, AT : 80410000, v0 : 00000000, v1 : 00000002

a0 : 80C2B310, a1 : A052A1DD, a2 : FFFFFB88, a3 : 80C2B752

t0 : 00000002, t1 : 00000000, t2 : 10000000, t3 : FFFF00FF

t4 : 801E69B8, t5 : 00000000, t6 : 00000000, t7 : 00000000

-Traceback= 801DBCFC 801DA2F4 801E0F5C 801E24D4 801DD300 802EBFD8

After this, the switch reboot without any command, and the IOS boots without any POST errors.

Any Suggestions?



Cisco Employee

Re: Cat 2950-24 Crash when the server restart.

Does it happen everytime or was it one off incidence? Based on decodes, I found few IOS bugs which were marked unreproducible. I suggest that you upgrade to 12.1(9)EA1d and test and if you see the same issue, open a TAC case with all relevant info

New Member

Re: Cat 2950-24 Crash when the server restart.

Everytime that I restart my server (Linux), and more, this server is not plugged in my WS-C2950-24 switch but plugged in my WS-C1924. I think that when the clients loose a connection with the server, some packet from the client is making the switch... crazy :). I will upgrade the software ASAP and I will post the result here,]

Thanx a lot


New Member

Re: Cat 2950-24 Crash when the server restart.

Sorry about my late response...

The IOS upgrade solved this problem.

Thanx a lot!


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