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Cat 3500 - xl 12 port, 48 port Issue

I have seen this happen on a 3500xl 12 port, and 48 Catalyst Switch.

I have created vlan10, assigned an ip add to int vlan 10 and vlan 10 is showing up---up, with no connection to any of the ports."Not right"

On this same switch I had an ip add assigned to vlan 1, and ports assigned to vlan 1 as well. When I tried to create another Vlan, and do a no shut. The vlan remains in the administrative down status.

On another switch(3500-48-xl), with vlan 1 assigned an IP add, and ports assigned to vlan 1. I created vlan 20, assigned an IP add, assigned some ports to vlan 20. The vlan20 is showing administrative down, after a no shut.

Also when I do a no shut on vlan1, and show run. Vlan 1 is still in shutdown mode. But sh ip int brief, says it is up --- down.

This does not make sense, and I have seen this problem at a customer site as well on a 3500-xl. Is there a BUG out there. I have the c3500xl-c3h2s-mz.120-5.WC9.bin as the ios

Sorry for the long story....Thanks


Re: Cat 3500 - xl 12 port, 48 port Issue

Was the vlan also added to the vlan database.

Switch#vlan database

Switch(vlan)#vlan X

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Re: Cat 3500 - xl 12 port, 48 port Issue

Yes, I add the Vlan to the database, before I configure the vlan, with the Interface Vlan command.


Re: Cat 3500 - xl 12 port, 48 port Issue

In the layer 2 only switches like the 3500xl series there can only be one int vlan active. It is the management vlan. In config mode enter

int vlan 20


ctrl z

sh runn

You'll see that it automatically shuts down the old vlan int and no shuts the one you just made the management vlan.

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Re: Cat 3500 - xl 12 port, 48 port Issue

So with these 3500 xl switches, I cannot have 2 ports in different vlan's, since only one vlan can be active? which is the management vlan.

Is this correct?

VIP Purple

Re: Cat 3500 - xl 12 port, 48 port Issue


you can only have one active management vlan on the switch, this usually is VLAN1. As stated earlier, if you want VLAN 20 to be the management vlan, then you have to assign the ´management´ command to this vlan. You still can assign the ports to different vlans with the command ´switchport access vlan x´:

interface fastethernet0/23

switchport access vlan 2

would be an example.

Since this is not a Layer 3 device, you cannot create vlan interfaces capable of routing traffic on the 3500XL switch.



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Re: Cat 3500 - xl 12 port, 48 port Issue

Understood. Thanks

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