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Cat 4000 error

We are seeing this message in the logs and are not sure what this means . Have tried plugging this into the error message decoder which was no help at all . We are seeing this message against more than 1 port but the indicated MAC address stays the same , mac does not show up in the cam table ,any ideas ?

2003 Feb 24 17:10:04 UTC +00:00 %SYS-4-P2_WARN: 1/Tag 0 on packet from 00:03:47:b6:88:92 port 6/11 but port's native vlan is 394

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Re: Cat 4000 error

It appears that you are using 802.1p. This is supported but only with 802.1q frame headers. There is more information on QOS on the 4000 at:

We don't support 802.1p CoS without the 802.1q vlan tag. If just the CoS bits are set and the switch is interpreting this as vlan 0. Which explains the error message showing tag 0.

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Re: Cat 4000 error

Not using 802.1P , this is strictly a trunked switch allowing 3 different vlans onto the switch from the distribution MSF's above them . The configuration is pretty much the same across this whole site and we are not seeing these messsages anywhere else but this one box .

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Re: Cat 4000 error

Have you looked for this MAC on any of the downstream switches? It appears to be an Intel NIC if that helps at all.

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