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CAT 4006 dilema....How do I?

Ok, I have what should be a fairly simple situation here, but I am unsure as to how *exactly* to do it. I have a CAT 4006, sup II engine that is presently acting only as a layer 2 switch. There is nothing fancy on it at all..... In fact, about the only configuration that was done (other than some security )to it was to set up this:

set interface sc0 1

set ip route

So it's been plodding along just fine, but now I need to make interfaces 3/1, 3/2, and 3/3 be on the network. I then need to be able to get those three ports to use the same default gateway of

How do I go about doing that?

Cisco Employee

Re: CAT 4006 dilema....How do I?

The default gateway on the switch itself is only for management purposes. Just assign the ports3/1-3 to whatever VLAN you want and you should be good to go

set vlan x 3/1-3

The clients on ports 3/1-3 should have as the default gateway. No default gateway change is needed on the switch unless you are changing switch's management VLAN(sc0)

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