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New Member

Cat 6509 Hardware probs

We currently have a duff 48 port 10/100 blade in our cat 6509 and want to know if anyone has experienced service outage whilst removing tis type of blade. THe reason I am asking is because we had a service outage in the Data Centre when we installed one in another 6509, albeit 5 packets it was enough to kill 2500 citrix users. Hence our nervousnous!!

We are running catos 6.1 but this is a h/w issue.


Re: Cat 6509 Hardware probs

You will always run the risk of loosing traffic when inserting or removing a card as there is a load of process's going on whilst doing this, such as IPC, Ifndex etc. so to be honest i would suggest a change window.

I can say that if the box is not too busy then things will be okay, owever if it is during on of the IPC transactions and the BP is busy then you run a hugh risk

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