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Cat express 500 and AP´s

I have 1 1200 AP, 1 Cat express 500, 1 7920 ip phone and a notebook. How do i configure the switch port so that i can have different wireless vlans for voice and for data?

For the phone to join an ssid it must be an infrastructure one. For the ssid to be infrastructure, the vlan must be native. I can´t choose the native vlan in the cat express 500, only the vlan 1 can be native and that is not my voice vlan!

With other switches this works just fine......Any suggestions of how to configure it????

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Re: Cat express 500 and AP´s

Basically at this stage with the Cat 500, there is no way to assign a port natively to the "Cisco-Voice" VLAN. Basically cisco screwed up completely here, and I believe will fix this in a future software update.

However as a workaround you can ignore completely the Cisco-Voice VLAN, create a new VLAN (I used VLAN3) and assign this to the port for the 1200AP. Change the smartport role for each "IP phone & Desktop" to "Switch" - this allows a trunk between phone & Cat500 and will allow the phone to communicate on VLAN3 with the AP (if you set phone to VLAN3)

EDIT - Sorry I just re-read your message and it sounds like you need to set-up the port to the AP as a SWITCH, because you want multiple VLANS on the wireless - sorry not familiar with this AP, but using 'switch' should trunk the VLANs no bother as long as the AP supports it.

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Re: Cat express 500 and AP´s

Peter -

interesting workaround.....I wonder if this would work for ports where one would plug a CallManager server, where there would alo be a need to assign a port natively to the VOIP vlan? I am having a lot of trouble with configuring these switches for a CallManager distributed design at a customer.

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Re: Cat express 500 and AP´s


You are on the right track. I am assuming that the AUTO qos or whatever MACRO they use for those switches will look at the DSCP, COS value of the frames/packets that come in on the port to the CallManager. Set is up as an access port to the "Voice Vlan" and that is it. QOS should take care of the rest. As far as the AP goes, you might have a couple of collisions on that port depending on how many vlans you have on that switch. If you only have 3 vlans on the switch and you want 3 vlans on the wireless then you will be ok. Also when setting the smart port to Switch, you enable the switch to tag the vlans up to whatever it is connecting to. Sub-interfaces on a router for examples. If you want dhcp on those vlans you will need to do that on the router anyway.

Hope this helps.


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