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Cat3500XL - vlan.dat corruption

One for tac really but thought I would share to see if anyone else has experienced this.

Cat 3548 XL 12.0(5.3)WC(1) Ent ed

Switch crashed whilst in production. Switch rebooted in 'switch:' mode, after some diagnostics we tried to fix with a reimage and in line with Cisco's reimage procedure.

Now switch seemed ok except on boot it reports -

'C3500XL INIT: Completeontroller Test: Passed

00:00:30: %SW_VLAN-4-IFS_FAILURE: VLAN manager encountered file operation error:


code (errno) = 21 / bytes transfered = -1

-Traceback= 2B1874 2B1ED8 1E3B9C'

Having looked deeper into the config it appears that the vlan.dat file is corrupt or non functional(although it is there) as when we try to configure vtp stuff we get the following output - :

HIOW_Zone1_Sw03(vlan)#vtp domain test

Changing VTP domain name from NULL to test


*Mar 1 00:01:55.112: %SW_VLAN-4-IFS_FAILURE: VLAN manager encountered file oper

ation error: call = ifs_open/write / failure

code (errno) = 21 / bytes transfered = 0

-Traceback= 2B4000 2B42B0 2B34F8 2B7F3C 2C6DF0 16E080 1796A0 1E3B9C

*Mar 1 00:01:55.114: %SW_VLAN-6-VTP_MODE_CHANGE: VLAN manager changing device m

ode from SERVER to CLIENT.

*Mar 1 00:01:55.114: %SW_VLAN-4-IFS_FAILURE: VLAN manager encountered file oper

ation error: call = ifs_read_until (header) / failure

code (errno) = 21 / bytes transfered = -1

-Traceback= 2B1874 2B3434 2B4A14 2B7F70 2C6DF0 16E080 1796A0 1E3B9C

aside from this the switch has no other reported problems.

Is this switch kput???


Re: Cat3500XL - vlan.dat corruption

Here is the message decode

Error Message SW_VLAN-4-IFS_FAILURE: VLAN manager encountered file operation error: call = [chars] / file = [chars] / code = [dec] ([chars]) / bytes transferred = [dec].

Explanation This message means that the VLAN manager received an unexpected error return from an IOS file system (IFS) call while reading the VLAN database. The first [chars] is the name of the function call, and the second [chars] is the filename. [dec] is the error code, the third [chars] is the textual interpretation of the error code, and the second [dec] is the number of bytes transferred.

so the problems seems to be with the corrupted vlan.dat file.

Please delete the vlan.dat file and then reload the switch to see if that fixes the problem. so you have to reconfigure the vlan database again.

Community Member

Re: Cat3500XL - vlan.dat corruption

Many thanks for the prompt response. the switch will not allow me to delete this file!!

%Error deleting flash:vlan.dat (Is a directory)


Directory of flash:/

2 -rwx 1749748 Mar 01 1993 00:10:00 c3500XL-c3h2s-mz.120-5.3.WC.1.bin

3 -rwx 25 Mar 01 1993 00:05:50 snmpengineid

4 -rwx 317 Mar 01 1993 00:48:08 env_vars

5 -rwx 111 Mar 01 1993 00:08:40 info

167 -rwx 3450 Mar 01 1993 00:11:33 config.text

7 drwx 10176 Mar 01 1993 00:10:55 html

18 -rwx 111 Mar 01 1993 00:10:55 info.ver

168 drwx 0 Mar 01 1993 00:03:23 vlan.dat

3612672 bytes total (571904 bytes free)

Is it poss to delete the directory??


Re: Cat3500XL - vlan.dat corruption

yes use- rmdir flash:vlan.dat

It is not supposed to be directory but in your case seems like somehow it changed to directory.

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