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Cat4006: "Sup III" or a "Sup II with L3 module" ??

I need to propose a Cat4006 with layer 3 functionality. I want to make a choice between a "Sup III" and a "Sup II with L3 module" and would like your help in selecting the right one. My understanding is that the L3 module is like an RSM of the Cat5500, so the Sup II would run CatOS, while the L3 module would run IOS, where one would define "interface VLANs " and enable IP routing protocols. The L3 module does not need to have any physical interfaces, the logical VLAN interfaces can take care of the routing. Whereas in case of SupIII, the Cat4006 will run in IOS-only mode where all the ports will be treated as layer 3 interfaces by default. So the choice depends on if you are using the device primarily for L2 or for L3. If it will be used as a L3 box, Sup III makes sense, On the other hand if you need a large number of L2 ports then Sup II with L3 module would be suitable.

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Re: Cat4006: "Sup III" or a "Sup II with L3 module" ??

Either for L2 or L3, Sup III is the way to go unless you need IPX or Appletalk support.

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