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New Member

Cat6000Sup1 Bootflash identification?

Dear All,

I am setting up a cat6006 and Sup1 for the first time in my lab, and am having trouble identifying what boot flash is present on my Cat6xxx Sup1 Blade.

I believe that the flash is either missing/damaged or has been erased... as I am in rommon mode..

I have successfully transferred os using xmodem, however it looks as if it could not save it to bootflash, and is running from memory..

The POST messages are all ok, and the module comes online, only to loose the os, when reset..

Any ideas.. Where can I look to confirm that I have flash installed on my SUP1.. (I can identify the 2x32Mb EdoRam modules no problem)..

There is an empty SIMM module on the Front LHS that is empty.. is this supposed to be where the flash module sits???

Any help would be appreciated.

New Member

Re: Cat6000Sup1 Bootflash identification?

xmodem does not copy the file to bootflash but to the DRAM. You are supposed to download the file one more time after the switch comes online through TFTP.

So the behaviour you see is expected. Use a "pcmcia" flash card if you don't want to go through the xmodem again.

New Member

Re: Cat6000Sup1 Bootflash identification?

Yes I believe that you are correct, however I want to identify the onboard flash memory..

I believe that there is a 80 pin simm module, that looks like it is for the flash simm.

Actually it looks exactly like the 2611 router flash module socket that I have in my router... Could it be possible that this 80 pin simm socket should be populated with a Smart / Intel 8mb/16mb flash module??

I cant seem to track down any doco on the cco site regarding the usage or flash memory options for this socket, nor the part number for the flash module.

Any further info would be appreciated??

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