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CAT6500 running native IOS

As per the document at

it appears that we must put the

"logging event link-status" command on every interface if we wish to see any link down/up message in the log buffer.

Do we need to put this command only if we wish to see link down/up messages at boot time. What about if we want to see link down/up messages during normal operartion? Do we still need to put this command. What is the default behaviour?

We have a CAT 6500 where we are not seeing link down/up messages in the log.

Another symptom is that on this CAT 6500 even when the interface has been down for over 5 minutes, it shows the 5 minute load as 46 or 48 Megabits received and transmitted and this doesn't make sense.

Cisco Employee

Re: CAT6500 running native IOS

"logging event link-status" should create the log event for the buffer to capture and this applies for the entire normal operation of the switch and not only at boot time.

If your buffered log does not capture these messages, maybe the level of logging set for the logging buff. is not enabled to capture these.

'logging buffered 40000 ???????' <--- here

In curious on what you mention about the interface load. Where do you see that? Could you please paste the output of 'show interface xxx' where you see that?


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