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CAT6500 - VLAN DATABASE saving and restoring - question

If one wants to change the SUP720 module on a CAT6500, then how is the VLAN DATABASE trasnfered from original to new module. For startup config one can tftp the config from old module and then tftp back the same into new module. How about vlan database. Is there any way of copying vlan database from old module to a tftp server and then back into new module.


Re: CAT6500 - VLAN DATABASE saving and restoring - question

You can copy the vlan.dat using tftp from the const_nvram:. Under that location should should see a file vlan.dat. But as you are warned when you enter the vlan database, vlan.dat is being deprecated and it is recomended to add or delete vlan from the configuration mode. Vlan from the confguration mode is saved in the start-up configuration.

Router#dir const_nvram:

Directory of const_nvram:/

1 -rw- 616 vlan.dat

126956 bytes total (126340 bytes free)

Router#copy const_nvram:vlan.dat tftp

Address or name of remote host []?

Destination filename [vlan.dat]?

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