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Cat6K supervisor failure

I have a trading floor network built around 24 Catalyst 6000 switches. All switches have dual Supervisor 1As. I am interested in how I can configure faster failover between the sup modules. Today we have not done anything special and the failover time is around 2 minutes (the network is about 18 months old, and I don't believe the fast failover functionality was available when the network was installed).

Does anyone out there have any experience of this? I'd like to know the following:

1. What fail-over time is available with some config tuning?

2. What code version is required for faster failover?

3. What's the configuration required & the risk involved in setting this up?

4. From anyone's experience, is fast failover reliable?

Cisco Employee

Re: Cat6K supervisor failure

Are you running Hybrid OS or Native IOS? If you are running Hybrid OS, you can configure High availability for faster failover. You can find more details on HA on CCO at

If you running Native IOS(Integrated IOS), we do not have stateful failover support yet. However we have enhanced failover capabilities with RPR+

Cisco Employee

Re: Cat6K supervisor failure

New Member

Re: Cat6K supervisor failure

Neither - i'm talking about a pure L2 switch running CatOS.

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Re: Cat6K supervisor failure

Please refer to this link for the high availability section

We have high availability + high availability versioning running and it's stable in our network.

We have lots of supervisor failures in our network and they just switch to backup supervisor without much notice.

From memory, probably lost couple of pings during the failover.


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