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Catalyst 1900 Switch & 2500 Router Lab Installation

I am a high school student in the Cisco Academy Program and we have a Catalyst 1900 24-port switch along with 5 Cisco 2500 routers. My problem is that the "lab" hasn't been used in years so my teacher and I cannot figure out exactly how to hook everything up again. Apparently someone from a nearby university pretty much installed everything. What we are trying to do is set up a small LAN with around three or four computers, dating back to the early 90's. Two are running Linux and one is running Windows 95. The Windows computer is the only one I am focusing on right now. We have the IP's that were assigned to the switch and routers when they were first installed, years ago. What I think must be done, is that the computer is connected to the switch using a normal cat 5 utp cable with a rj-45 jack, going from the computers nic, to the front of the switch on any of the 1x, 2x, ect. rj-45 ports. The routers are placed under the switch on a rack. I need to know how to connect the switch to the first router and then that first router to the routers under it. The firsdt router has an e0 e1 port, then each one after is only has one, which i know is correct. each port already has a ?transformer? (small black box with what looks like an rj-45 type female end). What I also need to know is how to (or if i need to) connect all the other routers to the switch. I am only in my second semester of the ccna program so my knowledge is still in process. It would also be nice to know what type of cabling is required to make the connection to the console port on the switch so that i can actually check what ip has been assigned to it and make sure everything is updated. I know this info is vague and if anyone can help i would GREATLY appreciate it. I think about this problem day and night and work on weekends and after school trying to set it up to no avail.

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Re: Catalyst 1900 Switch & 2500 Router Lab Installation


you need 3 different cables:

1. to connect the Windows 95 machine to the switch, you need a straight-through Ethernet cable with an RJ-45 connector, which you can plug into any of the ports on the 1900 switch.

2. to connect the router(s) to the switch, you need the same straight-through Ethernet cable with the RJ-45 connector

3. to interconnect the Ethernet ports on the routers, you need a crossover cable. You can identify this cable by looking at both ends of the cable: a crossover cable has pins 1 and 3, and 2 and 6, reversed. With this cable, you could connect the routers in a daisy-chain. You could also connect all routers to the switch (using the RJ-45 straight-though cable).

4. to connect to the console port of your routers/switches, you need a rolled cable (they are ussually blue or black, and flat, you can identify them by looking at both ends, all pins are reversed

Not sure if you have any serial cables as well (like X.21 or V.35 cables) but if you do, you can also connect the routers with these cables. Let me know if you have any serial cables available, since that vastly expands your options (you could e.g. build a frame relay switch).



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