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Catalyst 1924 Issues


First of all, I'd like to admit that I am VERY new to Cisco equipment. I purchased a pair of routers and switch in hopes that I could implement them into my network, and gain some experience. I've read some guides, but basically, before I learn anything else, I need to get my network up and running through my 1924.

Basically, what I'm looking for is a step-by-step configuration walk-through for the following scenario:

I have multiple computers that I'd like to connect to the switch. I have crossover cables, and I've established a connection to the switch through the console, accessed the managment interface, etc.

I also have an ethernet transceiver connected to the AUI port.

What I would like to accomplish is to have all my computers on the switch, communicating, and using the AUI port to have them all share a DSL connection.

If anyone could provide me with a walk-through of what I need to do, I would REALLY appreciate it. I have been toying with this for over 2 weeks now, and I feel like I've accomplished nothing.

Thank you in advance.

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Re: Catalyst 1924 Issues

I hope you bought 800 series router or SOHO series DSL router. Simply by connecting all your pc to switch 1924 using ethernet straight-through cable and connect switch 1924 to ethernet interface router also use straight-through cable. Next, connect the router to external modem or DSL wall jack using DSL cable if you use 82x series or SOHO series DSL router than you don't need external modem. If you use 806 model or SOHO 71 router, connect your router to external modem to internet. If you only have 3 or 4 computer, connect them directly to router using cross-over cable. Power on your router than browse the internet and go to Cisco Router Web Setup(CRWS) to test your connection and find more features.

good luck...hope can help

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Re: Catalyst 1924 Issues

Thanks for your help.

Hrm I do not currently have a Cisco DSL router, I have the free one from the provider, etc. I was told this should still be possible. I am getting a 1.1mbps connection next week, and may just purchase the SOHO router.

I'd still like to get this working before then, however. So you're telling me I need straight through cables to go to the switch? I was under the impression that I need crossover. Also, do I need to crossover the modem to the switch?

Thanks again for your help.

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