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Catalyst 2924 + netopia 3351 router

Hope its ok for me posting this kind of stuff here, and thanks for replys!

I got some problems i would like to share, hopefully a good idea.

Netopia > crossover > cnet 16 ports switch > uplink port on cnet > straight through > c2924 port 1. This works fine. Packetloss to WAN is ~0%.

The problem gets out when i try this:

Router > crossover > c2924 #1-24

i get link-flap on the fa0/1 port, cause i get really bad packetloss to the

local interface on the router.

sh int fa 0/1 gives me i.ex (when router > crossover > c2924) :

23 packets input, 4946 bytes

Received 0 broadcasts, 0 runts, 0 giants, 0 throttles

14 input errors, 14 CRC, 0 frame, 0 overrun, 0 ignored

I've tested 2 different crossover cables with same result.

No CRC's or input errors at all when not going for WAN connections.

Problems are never anywhere near any other hosts on the LAN. 0% packetloss to anyone else but the router.

Can anyone tell me how i can make my catalyst play with the netopia ? :)


Re: Catalyst 2924 + netopia 3351 router


You need to use a straight cable between a router and switch. Router is a DTE device while switch is a DCE device. The reason for using a cross over cable in the first topology is because, you were connecting two switches.

Rule of thumb

a.When you connect "like" devices (i.e.pc to pc, router to router, or switch to switch), use a cross over cable

b. When you connect "unlike" devices (router to switch/hub, pc to switch/hub) use a straight through cable

Hope that helps.

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Re: Catalyst 2924 + netopia 3351 router

Thanks for reply :)

Ok, does anyone have a clue why this is not working with the catalyst, but

is working fine with the cnet swich? Cnet switch has no management what so ever.

(router > crossover > cnet port#1 > uplink > catalyst#1 works)

(router > crossover > cnet#1 = 0-1% packetloss)

(router > crossover > catalyst#1-24 = 80% packetloss)

Router manual: "If you want to connect the router to a switch/hub, please use a crossover cable from the router to device."

Im going to try flashing to newest IOS, but I guess that wont work either.


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Re: Catalyst 2924 + netopia 3351 router

Can the problem be a result of auto-sensing fault ?

Going to try setting port + router to 10 half..

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