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Catalyst 2950SX and SMC switches

Dear all,

We need to puchase the Cisco Catalyst 2950SX for uplink purposes with our existing SMC switches. Here are the features of our SMC switches :

TigerSwitch 6724L2 Layer2 switch - 24 10/100 UTP . Auto-MDIX, 2 slot option for 2 additional 100FX . 1000SX, 1000LX, 1000T ports.

This connection is done via fiber cable. Is it possible ? Thanks for all comments.


Re: Catalyst 2950SX and SMC switches

Yes, it is possible to connect the 2950SX (24- or 48-port version) to your SMC switches.

The 2950SX has two fixed 1000BASE-SX interfaces, with MT-RJ connectors. So you may need some new fiber patch cables with customized ends to connect to your existing equipment or cable plant. MT-RJ connector at one end (both fiber strands go into that), and either ST, SC, LC, etc. connector(s) at the other end.

The 1000BASE-SX ports on the 2950SX will not work connected to 1000LX or 100FX ports. Only your SMC's 1000SX ones are compatible.

Standards limit the distance between the switches to 220m to 275m depending on the kind of multimode fiber you have. Operation from the Cisco side of the 1000BASE-SX link is full duplex only; don't know about the SMC.

Also, some additional configuration commands may be needed on the Cisco switch side to bring the link up. I know some other manufacturers' switches (3Com, Dell, to name a few) don't play well with Cisco's right out of the box, and the fix is to change some settings on the Cisco. It's been documented elsewhere here in the NetPro forums; a search here for 3Com or Dell should find you the details.

Hope this helps.

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Re: Catalyst 2950SX and SMC switches

Thank you very much, Sir. Your instructions are very helpful.

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