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Catalyst 2960,2970,3550,3560 & 3750 IOS Release 12.2(25)SEE?

The release notes for 12.2(25)SEE have been on CCO for a few days now but the software hasn't appeared. Does anyone know why?

The 12.1(22)EA7 release notes for 2950 & 3550 appeared around the same time but the software was posted shortly after.

Is there a delay with the code? or have features been removed? The EIGRP Stub routing in the IP Base image was VERY interesting. It would make sense for Multicast inter-vlan routing to be included in the IP Base image if Cisco are keen to push routing down to the access layer? Obvioulsy this isn't relevent for the Layer-2 only switches (29xx) but for the layer-3 platforms it makes sense.


Cisco Employee

Re: Catalyst 2960,2970,3550,3560 & 3750 IOS Release 12.2(25)SEE?

Appears 12.2(25)SEE was pushed back by a few days. It should be on CCO next week.

Re: Catalyst 2960,2970,3550,3560 & 3750 IOS Release 12.2(25)SEE?

I noticed this is now on CCO. I have upgraded a 3550 & a 3750. I have just started to test this and have immediately hit a problem with 802.1x.....

With the previous IOS release (12.2(25)SEDx) the switch sent the radius attribute 61 (NAS-Port-Type) as 'Ethernet'; with 12.2(25)SEE it now sends it as 'Virtual'. Due to the way my Radius server is configured I have multiple policies that check against attributes and this is one of them.

I use NAS-Port-Type 'Virtual' to check against 'Telnet/SSH' sessions to the switch and 'Ethernet' for 802.1x. 12.1(22)EA7 for the 2950 still uses 'Ethernet'.

There is nothing in the release notes regarding this changed behaviour, is this a bug or can the behaviour be changed? I have looked but cannot see a command to change how the NAS-Port-Types attribute is sent for 802.1x authentication requests.

The behavious is the same on both the 3750 & the 3550.


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