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Catalyst 3500 Problem

Hi here is my problem:

I have 2 3500XL switches in a building exhibiting problems. I am having multiple instances of link up/down state changes. Sh post tells me ports 9-12 failed loopback test as well as the Gigabit port 1. No one in the building can data out. I am able to telnet in from another route though. This happened last week on about Thursday. Just prior to this we had a pretty bad storm blow over, lots of lightning. I am thinking Electrostatic Discharge and the interfaces for both are damaged. However I can't justify that, any help would be appreciated. If I had to replace them thats fine I just want to know I have exhausted all my solutions first.


Brandon C McHenry

System Admin


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Re: Catalyst 3500 Problem

Do you have hardware support through Cisco? If so, do a "show tech-support" and pass that onto them.

If not, take a working PC and plug into the suspected Ether ports. If it doesn't work, there's a good chance the storm blew the switch up.

You may want to do the "show tech-support" anyway and see what it says.

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Re: Catalyst 3500 Problem

We used 2900's during the Olympics here in Salt Lake City. After losing sets of 4 ports due to what we suspected to be static from dragging cat5 over the snow and ice, we started grounding all cables before connecting them to any port. Our problems did clearly go away. We stopped blowing away ports in sets of 4. Maybe this will help your justificaiton.

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