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Catalyst 3548 and Netware 5.1


I have 10 vlans managed by a Catalyst 4006 on my pb floor. I have 2 or 3 catalyst 3548xl by floor. Each floor is a vlan. the ip management that i use is like this: 172.30.f.h. where f represents the floor and the h represents the host. I have a netware 5.1 server in the same vlan that de catalyst 4006, all the host are 100Mb/fullduplex. When i copy files from one host (no matter the os: win 98, nt, etc), to the netware 5.1 server, i felt a slow connection. If I put the host network card to 10Mb/halfduplex. The speed up's dramatically comparing with the normal 100Mbps. This fact occurs only with the netware server, with my nt and 2000 server i don't have this situation.

I configure on the 4006 this:

ip multicast-routing

and on each vlan interface i use

ip pim dense-mode

if any body have an idea of what's happen or who to fix it please a apreciate the help.

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Re: Catalyst 3548 and Netware 5.1

Sounds like a duplex mismatch on your netware file server.

Can you verify your speed/duplex setting on the server and the switch?

Also, I've seen problems where a netware file server doesn't have the proper IP default gateway or routing protocol setup and the fallback to IPX from 98/nt takes a while causing slowdowns.


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