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Catalyst 3548

I have a Catalyst 3548 switch. I am all of a sudden having weird probem. The switch lights went out on all the connections and no one plugged into it could access the network. Some of the ports that had PCs in them did not show a light on the switch but did show as up when I went into the switch.

Other ports on the switch were displayed a light when there was nothing plugged into them.

I am not able to Telnet to the switch. I can hypertermial it directly connected. When I do connect via hypertermianl I am not able to ping any other devices connected to the switch. I ave reset the switch and turned it off and on. It powers up OK but I can only hyperterminal into it and no other communication appears to transfer across it.

It is not making any weird noise. I checked the config file and it is OK.

Does this sound like a problem with the hardware????? I do not want to waste too much time troubleshooting if I am going to have to replace the switch.

Please help.

Thank you very much.

New Member

Re: Catalyst 3548

I had a customer that had a few 3548 switches he just installed and after installation everything worked. The next morning one of the switches was dead in the water had to replace it. There might be a hardware problem with some of the switches.

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Re: Catalyst 3548

Please do the command "show post" and see if the ports have failed POST. If it did, it is bad hardware. If not, ths may need some addtional troubleshooting and hence open a TAC case.

New Member

Re: Catalyst 3548

Thank you. When I typed show post I got the response PASSED.

Any other ideas? How Can I reset the switch back to factory defaults?

This switch has been working great for over two years.

Thank you

New Member

Re: Catalyst 3548

Do a 'wr erase' and delete 'vlan.dat' file from flash. Reload.

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