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Catalyst 3550 HSRP group question

I am little bit confused at the HSRP capabilities of the Catalyst 3550.

From the doc, it seem possible to have up to 16 different HSRP group

each having a maximum of 16 interfaces (see below). When I try to

add a new group after 16 differents SVI using the same group - I had

error saying the platform does not support more than 16 HSRP group !!

I am running the 12.1 - 13EA1A. Does my problem is related with the

version or I don't understand well the doc.

>From the doc : ******** version 12.1-14ea1

The switch supports HSRP MAC addresses for up to 16 unique HSRP groups.

Because each group address can be used on up to 16 Layer 3 interfaces,

the maximum number of HSRP interfaces is 256.

New Member

Re: Catalyst 3550 HSRP group question

I seem to remember a discussion with TAC about this. And I think it was that if you use the default group and dont specify then you can have 256 but if you use non-default group numbers then you can only have 16 per device. This was a while ago and may not be your problem but I thought I would pass this on.

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