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Catalyst 4000 route question

Hey there, hope someone can help with this one.

I have a scenario where its desirable to occasionally alter the routes for a network, or group of IP addresses, on a Cat 4000.

Essentially- there will be times when their conventional WAN route will be off limits, and we will need to use an internet vpn.

But: the networks are shared by 2 or 3 locations, and altering the route in the switch will have the undesired effect of knocking out the other locations which share the network. Only one location at a time will have to use the vpn.

Is it possible to configure the Catalyst to choose a route for a packet based on its individual IP address, rather than it's network? This way, we can alter a group of IP addresses on a network and their routes and not knock out the other locations that share the particular network.

For example:

Network address at Location A needs to go to VPN access, as its gateway needs maintenance. BUT: changing the routes in the Cat will also knock out Location B ( and C ( whose gateways are unaffected.

Hope this makes sense-



Re: Catalyst 4000 route question

Search for 'policy routing' -- it may do what you need. It allows you to route based on source address as well as destination address.

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