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Catalyst 4000 vlan port assignment

I was wondering if it is possible to assign a single port to multiple vlans.

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Re: Catalyst 4000 vlan port assignment

Probably what you want to do is configure trunking on your port but if you do the device connected must be able to perform the same type of trunking.

If you really want to implement multiple vlans on one port without trunking that is only supported on the 2900 and 3500.

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Re: Catalyst 4000 vlan port assignment

This would not work for me because the device on the other end is a workstation. The reason behind this need is, I have an Xwindows app that I need to be able to access from a NAT'd portion of my network. I have two networks and the corp network is NAT'd to my clients network in order to access their network resources. This works great exept for when I need to provide the corp network with the x windows services. When accessing those services I need to export the display back to my desktop. This works fine on the Non-NAT'd network, but on the NAT'd network the application fails to export the display. Is there anyway to map the X windows Port to the NAT's Address to allow the display to be exported.

And thank you for your help so far!!!!!

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